Are you feeling the call?

Hi, I'm Allie Duzett--professional intuitive healer. If you have been feeling the call to HEAL from the inside out (and maybe to help others heal, too) you are in the right place. 

Your intuition is what brought you here--so you have already taken the first step! 

This is the master list of all my classes. Here you can browse through and take the courses that speak to your soul, exactly when you need them. 

As you take both the free and paid classes, you will gain "EP" points that will unlock other classes--so fun! 

I am not a doctor or medical professional. I do not diagnose or treat any form of illness or medical condition. None of my classes, programs or sessions offer medical advice, treat or prescribe. Viewers should make their own independent inquiries and judgments before acting on any information any module contains.

I hope you love these classes as much as I do. I'm so glad you're here!

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START HERE: FREE Energy Work Sessions and Classes

Come and enjoy a number of free sessions and lessons. Learn the basics of energy work and see the world in a whole new light. Everyone has the innate ability to HEAL! 


Learn more about astrology and book a personal session here.

You Deserve to HEAL

When healing doesn't happen, many times it's because of deep-seated beliefs that we don't DESERVE the healing we seek. This session digs into that. 

Calling Back Your Personal Power

Over the years, you may have lost the fullness of your personal power. We give away our power regularly from the time we are children, to keep the peace and as a way of keeping ourselves "safe." But NOW is the time to call back your power. You are a powerful being and you deserve to experience that! 

Reset Your Polarity

In this very important session, we reset the polarity on our personal body's electromagnetic fields so we can receive accurate intuitive information and feel more grounded and aligned within our own bodies. 

Grounding Session

This session will help you get GROUNDED. Grounding is necessary to SLEEP, to feeling solid and stable in your own body, and to accurate muscle testing and intuition. This is a KEY SESSION for every human being! 

Physical Body Sessions

Here are all of my sessions on the physical body so far. Sessions include ones on kidneys, the liver, knees, shoulders, and more. Legally speaking, these sessions do not diagnose or treat medical conditions. 

Finances and Business Sessions

Sessions about finances and business. 

ADHD Sessions

These sessions are especially good for those with ADHD and ADD.

Relationship Sessions

These are all my sessions and classes having to do with relationships: marriage, divorce, parenting, friendship, and more. 

Inner Child Sessions

Here are a list of my sessions that help with healing the inner child.  

Emotional Healing

Here are a list of my sessions that help with emotional healing.  

You Are A Healer

These are all my sessions having to do with becoming a healer.

Self Sabotage Sessions

Here are all of my sessions on Healing Self Sabotage.

Manifesting Sessions

Sessions to help you manifest your dreams into reality.

Weight Loss Jumpstart

Are you ready to release your emotional and physical weight? This 4-week program includes healing work to support the mindset and lifestyle shifts you need to make to heal your body and your life. 

Rejection Sensitivity Session

Rejection Sensitivity and Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria refer to a heightened sensitivity to rejection from others. If you live in chronic fear of being rejected, or assume that everyone is rejecting you, this is a good session for you. 

Hyperactivity Session

This session is for anyone dealing with HYPERACTIVITY. You can watch this session first for yourself, and then on behalf of your minor child. 

Supporting Executive Function

This session is designed to support executive function: the ability to execute tasks, or just to get things done! If you sometimes struggle to actually do the tasks of "adulting" or general life, this is a good session for you! 

Accident Trauma Sessions

Sessions for healing accident related trauma.

Ancestral Healing Sessions

Here are my sessions that help with focusssed ancestral healing. 

Deep Past Sessions

Here are some of my sessions that look into our deep past for healing.

Self Worth Sessions

This series helps YOU develop your self-confidence and feelings of self-worth! Feel radically different as you step into a knowledge that YOU ARE GOOD ENOUGH! 

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