My REAL passion with money is just making more of it--not in a crass way, but I'll tell you what I mean. 

What I mean is: when I was recently married, almost 12 years ago now, we were broke as a joke. And I remember looking up things on PennySaver on how to save money, and they had plenty of easy tips. 

Stop smoking! Don't drink so much alcohol! Cook at home instead of eating out! Stop your unread magazine subscriptions! 

Uh?!?! When you're a non-smoking teetotaler who ONLY cooks at home and has NO subscriptions.... when there is literally NOTHING TO CUT, then what?! 

I remember we were so poor we couldn't afford wi-fi, so we would sit outside the local library in our college town to use their wi-fi for free, even when it was freezing outside. I remember sitting on the concrete outside that public library, mooching the free wi-fi, in a parka with blue fingers to finish my homework. (Ha! I got married when I was 20 and still finishing up college! My degree is in soil chemistry, since I know you're wondering! Minor in TESOL!)

How do you survive financially when you're living on a shoestring and mooching public wi-fi in your parka? How do you save money?? 

The answer, I discovered after years of massive scarcity, to me is: YA DON'T. 

Because it's not about saving money in those instances--it's about CREATING MORE. 

Being open to receiving money is something we worked on a lot in the Rivers of Wealth session, but since my Intuition Accelerator program is now open for registration (if you want a career path like mine!), and I know it's not exactly ten dollars, I wanted to host another by-donation money manifesting class for those who feel they need it. 

I said class but really it's a session. 

This session is called MANIFEST! GENERATE! 

And the point of this session is to clear whatever energies we have going on that are keeping us from manifesting or generating the income we need. 

We are designed to create, manifest, generate, and receive. When we are not in a state of flow with income, .... to me it is unnatural

To me, obviously the natural state of God's children would be a constant flow of resources in exactly the right type at exactly the right time. 

And to be honest, I believe we already have that, even if it doesn't feel like it: when flows are dammed up, when flow is not happening, it's because we DO have exactly what we need at the exact right time--and what we NEED is to be reminded that we are in a scarcity mindset that HAS TO CHANGE. 

Our scarcity is a gift, to remind us that scarcity is only within our own minds. It is a gift to remind us to expand our perspective and to heal the stuff inside our hearts that keeps us in a state of scarcity

I really believe there is enough for everyone on this planet! I really believe we live in an abundant world. Even in a COVID world, we live in an abundant world. We just have to have the eyes to see it--the hearts open to it--we have to be willing to PUT OURSELVES OUT THERE and DO THE WORK.  

This session is currently available by donation--please pick the price point that resonates best for you. 

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Half an hour of lecture on manifestation and generation leads into a one-hour session that will help you clear your blocks to manifesting and generating the things you want and need in your life. 

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