Healing the Trauma Cloud

The trauma cloud is the part of the energetic biology that moderates how much trauma you have to process at a time. It looks like a cartoon speech bubble above your head. Its function is to store unprocessed trauma that cannot "fit" in your physical space. Ideally, it's storing all the unprocessed trauma you haven't dealt with yet, and dripping it out slowly and uniformly down into your physical space to process just a little at a time. One of our [unknown-to-us] goals in life is to process out all the gunk in there. BUT we ideally want to do it just a little at a time, so we don't get overwhelmed.

When it is broken, that is when you feel like traumatic events flood down on you. That's when it feels like the trauma starts coming and never stops coming. You get caught in long-term situations where negative situations show up over and over and just. don't. stop. 

When you're caught in a never-ending drama of trauma, it is typically because you experienced a trauma so intense that your trauma cloud got destroyed. Yikes! And now it just leaks and rains down trauma on you and it's a big mess. 

This session is designed to heal up the trauma cloud so the flow of trauma into our lives slows down and evens out, instead of gushing forth upon us. It is safe to have a life WITHOUT tons and tons of trauma! It can be safe and good to experience life with just the minimal amount of trauma necessary at a time! 

To order, select the price point that works for you. The base price for this is $25 but there is a payment plan option for those who need it! This session will be LIFE CHANGING for those who deal with never-ending floods of trauma! 💕💕💕💕

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