Getting Things DONE Session

There are a few steps to getting things DONE. 

1. Identify what you want to accomplish. 
2. Break it down into its smaller pieces, the little stuff you have to do to add up to the accomplishment. 
3. Actually choose to do it and do it. 

This all comes down to AGENCY, PRIORITIES, and MINDSET. 

When it comes to getting things done, we make our choices and we set our priorities, and both of those things are heavily influenced by MINDSET. 

MINDSET is the most important thing to accomplishing the things we want to accomplish.

If you have the right mindset, nothing can stop you. 

If you have the WRONG mindset, nothing can help you. 

So let's get our mindsets in order! 

Some of the things that come up in this session are:

- Clearing REBELLION CYCLES where we don't get things done because we don't want to play into other people's (or even our own) expectations

- TIME SCARCITY and TIME OVERWHELM issues--feeling like there's so much to do and so little time that we shut down 

- Fears of putting our time and efforts into something only to maybe find out later our efforts weren't good enough-- "It's easier not to try than to try and fail" 

But that is just scratching the surface of this session. 

Past participants have said: 

"wow yes that was the most shifting session ever! so glad I joined I didn’t even realize the depths of clinging to perfection still!" 

"my body just feels like I did a long kundalini kriya!"

"The impromptu visualization of the woman able to have compassion and mercy for others but not herself, perhaps also for inspired for others, but for sure this was for me! This was the only time I shed a few tears because I knew this was me and that it made no sense. I'm going to use this to remember whenever I need more self love and acceptance."

If you are reading this, to me it means your intuition brought you here because it is TIME to let go of your perfectionism, your comparisons, and all the other things holding you back from accomplishing the things in life you want and need to accomplish. 

This session also comes with a two-page printable of tapping scripts you can use to continue the work after the session. 

I recommend signing up TODAY--this is the first thing you can GET DONE in a long list of future accomplishments. 


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Getting Things DONE Session

Ready to GET THINGS DONE? Break out of patterns of procrastination with this hour-long session, life-altering session.

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