You Are A Healer: Healing 101


Being a healer is part of being human. 

We are all designed to heal ourselves, and to help others heal, too. This is part of why we are here. 

I firmly believe that EVERYONE is capable of doing magnificent healing work. 

In this introductory healing class, we work through four hands-on lessons that will get you started healing yourself, your family, and other friends, pets, and loved ones right away. Learn PRACTICAL basics that will change your life and the trajectory for your family. 

I priced this class at the same price that I charged when I taught my first intro healing class in 2013: $65, or about $16/lesson. There are two payment plan options at that price, for those who need this information and can't afford it upfront, and there are two additional higher-tier options for those who can afford a higher rate and desire to honor the work in this way. To order, select the pricing option that works for you. 

This class will be recorded LIVE at 7 PM Mountain Time on: 

Tuesday, Dec 14

Thursday, Dec 16

Tuesday, Dec 28

Thursday, Dec 30

And the recordings will be placed in here afterwards. The intention is that you'll have some great techniques under your belt in time for the winter holidays and have Christmas week off to practice, and then come on back the following week for more! 

I'm so excited for all of us to gain more healing skills! 

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