Manifest your DREAM HOME

House hunting is HARD! A house is one of the biggest investments you'll ever make, and finding the right one is a BIG DEAL! We all want the right house. 

But if we know what we want––or even if we DON'T know what we want––finding the exact right house for ourselves and our families can be a huge challenge. People can spend months going from open house to open house and searching on the internet for the exact perfect house, and sometimes it feels literally impossible to find. 

This session has a few primary intentions.

During this session, we'll be: 

  • Clearing out any blocks to receiving a new house and/or any blocks to loving the house you are currently in if it just so happens your destiny is to stay in your current home a little longer
  • Inviting in a divine blueprint for what exact things we need to be looking for in a new house, or what we need to change about our current situation so we can enjoy and thrive in our current homes

  • Inviting in financial support and guidance from the Universe on how to actually afford the house we are meant to be in

  • Doing some chakra work specific to house energy and preparing our energy fields to receive the perfect house.


Let's go forth and manifest a DREAM HOME! 

To order, pick a price point that works for you 🥰

(*Hey friends, I am SO bummed because the ZOOM recording for this session failed! I'm so sorry! However, my assistant happened to be on the live session and she took some detailed notes and got all the important stuff. Yay! So, this session is all script and text for the time being, until I can schedule some time to re-record the video portion. Guess what? It STILL works and this is STILL a really fun and awesome session. Thank you for understanding. You are awesome! Happy Dream Home Manifesting!*)

6 Modules

1. Defining The DREAM HOUSE and Scribbling Out Blocks

In this module, we get super clear on how we actually FEEL about the idea of manifesting our dream home!

2. Seeking Town Clarity

How do you know WHERE your dream home is? We're going to work through to get to the answer to that question in this module!

3. Identifying and Preparing For THE DREAM HOUSE

HOW will I know when I have found my dream house and WHAT IS MY DREAM HOUSE?! We'll answer those questions in this session!

4. Divine Path, Expanding the Net, & Chakra Call

Come learn about The Divine Path, how to Expand Your Net, and all about a Chakra Call.

Modules for this product 6

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