Cord Cutting Session

Every time two people are connected to each other, an energetic "cord" of sorts forms between them. Ideally, these cords allow the two people to flow energy back and forth to each other, allowing for a beautiful collaboration of energy. But often, these cords are used to suck each other dry instead, and that is not fun for anyone. 

"Energy vampires" are people who have a lot of energetic cords to other people, sucking them dry. 

A lot of times, mothers who feel very drained by their children are dealing with negative cords to their children, and their kids are literally draining them of life force energy. 

Cords can form between any two people, but they are more likely to form between people who are around each other a lot. You may have cords with your parents, siblings, spouse, children, coworkers, high school friends, and more. 

"Cutting cords" has become a popular catchphrase particularly in the context of ending romantic relationships. If you feel like you still have unwanted emotional ties to people you have dated in the past, you probably have cords to them you need to cut.

Cords are not just limited to PEOPLE. You can also have cords to situations and life patterns, like having bad landlords repeatedly or constantly losing jobs. You can have cords to concepts, like the concept of depression or anxiety. And you can create internal forms of cords to yourself, which I call "inappropriate interior circuitry." 

During this session, my intention is to hit on all of these things and help us seriously clear out A TON OF CORDS. 

People report that when they cut unwanted cords, they typically feel much more "like themselves." It is easier to feel like yourself when your energy isn't being drained and affected by all sorts of people and patterns and situations. 

You will see for yourself how much different and how much better you feel after removing some of your most draining cords! 

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