Birth Trauma

Birth is SO TRAUMATIC! For basically everyone. Even calm, uneventful births can be traumatic for the baby involved. 

Just think about it. You've spent your whole life warm and wet inside your mother's womb, and then suddenly you're being squished through this tiny tunnel--and then on the other end you have to breathe for the first time--it's cold for the first time--it's dry for the first time-- 

And births can be dramatic. That's just the trauma from a "normal" birth. But what about breech birth? C-section? Births impacted by pre-eclampsia? Premature birth? Birth that involves things like forceps? 

This session is meant to clear out this trauma from our systems. This is big-deal stuff because our births really impact the rest of our lives. The trauma we experience in those first moments of mortal life color how we experience the entire world, and just because we don't CONSCIOUSLY remember being born, doesn't mean our bodies don't remember it every second of the day. 

They do. 

And so it is important to work through this trauma so we can set ourselves free from it and be more able to focus on the here and now. 

Hope to see you in the session! 

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