Healing Self Sabotage

Self-sabotage is when we consciously OR subconsciously prevent ourselves from experiencing good. When you get sick on vacation, when you waste your money on stupid stuff when you know better, when you watch TV instead of studying: these are all examples of self-sabotage. 

One purpose of life is to learn to GET OUT OF SELF SABOTAGE so we can just BE HAPPY.

There are two sabotage thresholds: Upper and Lower. 

The Upper Limit is how good you will allow things to get for yourself before you self-sabotage yourself back down into more comfortable territory. 

The Lower Limit is how BAD you will let things get before getting your act together and dragging yourself back up into more comfortable territory. 

As an example, if your upper limit is $100, and lower limit is $10: if you make $100, you will feel rich and spend and spend and spend until you’re solidly under $100 again. If you spend all the way down to $10, your inner self will kick in and help you earn enough to get back to a minimum of $10.  

Everything in life has limits YOU placed there! 

How happy are you in your relationships? When do you sabotage because things are too good? When do you scramble because things have gotten too bad? 

How painful is your body? When do you sabotage because your body feels too good? When do you scramble because things have gotten too painful? 

How’s your weight? The “upper limit” in weight loss is the plateau you can never break through. The “lower limit” is that higher number that when you get there, you go crazy and suddenly you naturally are working towards weight release. 

How clean is your house? The upper limit is how clean things “max out” for you before you start making things cluttered again, and the lower limit is how bad things have to be before you take action and get cleaning and tidying. 

Everything comes back to this: 

  • Weight
  • Beauty
  • Health
  • Grades
  • How clean your house is
  • How much money you have in your bank account
  • The state of your relationships with everyone in your life (marriage, children, parents, coworkers)
  • Career

How good will you let things get for you before you self-destruct? 

How bad will you let things get for you before you get your act together?

Watch this video for more information. This video is not the session. This video explains why this session is necessary! 💕💕

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