Self Worth Sessions

This series is designed to help you feel in your soul that you ARE good enough. Six sessions combine to create a complete series designed to promote feelings of self-worth. 

In the first session, Clearing Resistance to Self-Worth, we work through the subconscious resistance to feeling worth. Many people who struggle with feelings of self-worth actually also struggle with an internal resistance to the whole concept of self-worth. It's impossible to imbue a person with an accurate sense of their own self-worth if they have an inborn subconscious resistance to a sense of that worth, so the first session dismantles any subconscious resistance to your sense of worth. 

The second session, Clearing New Resistances to Self-Worth, takes that first session a step further. As it happens, the resistance to feeling self-worth can sometimes be so deep that after clearing out the first level of resistances, new resistances flow upward. This session cleans up additional resistances to your sense of self-worth that may crop up after the first session. 

The third session is called Releasing Patterns of Worthlessness-Generation

All emotions exist because the body generates them chemically. This third session gets to the root of the creation of the physical chemicals of the feelings of worthlessness and low self-worth. 

Generational Issues is the fourth session in the series, and it works through ancestral resistances to self-worth. If you have had ancestors who struggled with low self-esteem, this is where we'll work on that and clear it out of your generational line. 

The fifth session is Healing Past Worthlessness Events. This is where we work through your personal experiences that led you to feel worthless. This session can go DEEP. 

The final session is called Healing the Belief Structures. All senses of worth or worthlessness are contingent on subconscious programming. This session accesses the subconscious programming and reprograms it so that you can experience feelings of self-worth that were not possible with the previous programming. 

This series can be life-changing. 

You'll notice it's not by donation; this is a complete series, not just a one-off session. These six sessions work together to help re-wire your brain and emotions to help you accept that truly, for real, you really are good enough. 

These sessions are done through guided imagery: you'll listen to the audio and follow along in your mind. There's no need to focus on the sessions 100%, unless you feel that's necessary. Many users put these sessions on and listen to them while they fold laundry, do dishes, go running, or drive around. So these sessions can easily fit into your life. 

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