Rivers of Wealth

RIVERS OF WEALTH is a financial abundance session designed to clear blockages on a personal and an ancestral level when it comes FINANCIAL WEALTH AND ABUNDANCE. 

Yes: MONEY! 

We go through 12 healing images addressing issues related to: 

- Feeling afraid of receiving too much money 
- Ancestral issues blocking streams of income 
- Beliefs that poverty is noble 
- Fear of being loved for money instead of for the self 
- Beliefs that money leads to spiritual and physical destruction instead of physical and spiritual healing
- Feeling "paralyzed" by money--when you get a little more, feeling like you have to stop for a while before making even more 
- The idea that having ideas to make money will hurt you- Beliefs that people will attack you for asking for money in return for value 
- Guilt for receiving money and gifts and appreciation of any kind- Fears of surprise negative outcomes coming with making money 

.... AND MORE! 

This session is perfect for breaking you out of financial funks. 

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