Menstruation Session

No one likes talking about menstruation, but the fact is, half the human population experiences it at some point, and ALL of humanity owes its existence to it. No menstruation, no fertility, no humanity. 

This session clears the energies surrounding menstruation, including hormones, brain function, and emotional trauma affecting menstruation. Users have had some pretty great outcomes. Results may vary but if you have had struggles with menstruation, or with hormones in general, I HIGHLY, highly recommend this session! 

This session is designed to help you have smoother, easier, more regulated periods--and to help you and even your ancestors recover from period trauma. You may see miracles! 

In this guided imagery module, you'll listen as I guide you through several images that relate to your cycle. You'll follow along in your mind--no need to watch the video unless you want to. Many users listen to these sessions while they drive around, do dishes, fold laundry. This is something that can easily fit into your day but may just turn your whole life around, in the best possible way. 

This session is available on a sliding scale. Pick the price point that resonates with you to order. 💕💕💕

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