Insulin Resistance Session

Have you ever heard of a "heart wall?" The concept is that our hearts wall themselves off as a form of self-protection. We don't feel as much, but we can't feel love or receive love so much, either. Heart walls exist for a really good purpose--they protect us when we feel we have no other option--but they can also cause real problems when we need to be able to feel our own emotions and connect with others on a deeper level. 


As I was preparing this session I actually saw a PANCREAS WALL. 

I think this makes a lot of sense, especially when we're dealing with issues of insulin resistance. What better way to resist insulin than to have an actual energetic wall against it? 

So that was a FASCINATING image and I'm really excited for you to have access to this session to work on your own pancreas wall. 

It's interesting because insulin is all about helping your body RECOGNIZE blood sugar--recognize SWEETNESS--and one thing that also came up in the session was this idea of REJECTING the good things in life. 

And I know that most of us would say things like, "Me? I WANT a good life! I would never reject THAT!" 

But really, we all do this. It is a natural trait in humans. 

We take in the false beliefs we are raised with, we absorb and believe the false messages from others about our worth. We tell ourselves stories about what we do and don't deserve. 

"I don't deserve a nice house. I don't deserve to be beautiful. I don't deserve to be healthy." 

Maybe we don't do it consciously, but on a subconscious level, self-punishment is SO REAL. So many of us engage in it EVERY DAY. 

So it was really interesting to kind of dig in deeper into the reasons WHY we prevent ourselves from experiencing the good things in life. 

 I particularly recommend this session if...

  • you have sleeping troubles: a lot of sleeping troubles are linked to blood sugar issues
  • you are dealing with some extra Corona weight (or non-Corona extra weight)
  • you suspect your subconscious mind may be keeping you from being happy and having fun in your every day life
  • you have family patterning of over-strictness--parents punishing children easily for minor "kids will be kids" kind of things
  • you wonder if you are blocking blessings from showing up in your life based on your own subconscious issues 
  • you feel that feeling in your soul that you need this session

 In the end, if you need this session, I believe your soul will just tell you! And that will be good! 

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Blood Sugar and Insulin Resistance Healing Session

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