Blame Session

BLAME is an incredibly insidious emotion. When we blame others, even when they deserve it, we poison them and ourselves. 

Whenever we blame someone, even if they truly did something very wrong, it unleashes a vortex of negative energy and turbulence that can severely disturb both our bodies and their body. 

We might feel like this is fair. Shouldn't that person suffer because of what they did?

The problem is that we suffer also. Any time we are generating the energy of blame, it does hurt the other person, and that might feel fair, but it also hurts us. The only way to heal ourselves is to set both us and the people who hurt us free. 

That might not seem fair, but it is in the long run. Our Creator is keeping tabs on all the negative energy we generate and put out there into the world. Our Creator is aware of the negative energy generated by the people who hurt us, and those people will answer for that. But our Creator is also aware of the negative energy we generate by chronically holding onto blame energy. 

Releasing the energy of blame from our lives does not excuse what has been done to us. All it does is set us free from carrying the record of that blame in our bodies.

Everyone in the whole world is carrying blame of some kind in their physical body. This is either our blame of others, or blame we carry from others. 

In this session, we will be clearing out our own blaming energy towards others, and we will be putting in new energetic filters against the blaming of others. We will teach our own energy fields how to allow the blame of others to roll off us instead of getting stuck and causing physical health problems. 

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