30 Day Boundaries CHALLENGE!

Ready to totally reset your BOUNDARIES?

Over the next 30 days, you will experience a total reset of pretty much all of your boundaries: boundaries on your time, your space, your stewardship, your sense of self, your relationships, and more. We'll be working through the 30 Days of Boundaries book, available here

Part of this class is free on Youtube. So if you are totally broke right now, do not buy this class. Just do the free stuff on Youtube and work through the sessions you already have in here. If you have the book already, just follow along. 

When you sign up for this paid version of the series, in addition to the daily classes that are free on Youtube, you also receive: 

  • Two live sessions (scheduled for Day 8 and Day 22)
  • The text of the daily work from the book here on Membervault, so you can do the journaling prompts right here online. 

These two live sessions have an estimated value of $300, but this series plus the live sessions and the daily work here on Membervault are only $20. 

During this 30-day series, every day a new video will unlock to help us focus on building a stronger prosperity mindset. This series also includes the belief work from the book.  So you can follow along with your paper book or just do the work every day through these modules.

You can do your daily journaling from the book right here inside this series. 

You can start late and catch up on past days! That is fine! 

We are going to be working on a LOT of different things related to boundaries over the next 30 days--BUT my goal was to make sure that you don't have to spend more than 15 minutes a day on this. So this challenge should hopefully slide easily into your life. I know you're a busy person. So this is designed to hopefully not take very long every day. 

Of course, if you WANT to spend a lot of time on it, you are welcome to. But for busy moms and others like myself, if all you've got is a few minutes a day that you need to multitask during too, that is fine and this should still be helpful to you. 

You can follow along with the videos on Youtube for free; if you want access to the private group sessions associated with this series also, you will need to register. I was going to have it priced at $20 flat to make it extremely accessible, but someone suggested to me to make this on a sliding scale as well. If you choose to officially participate in this challenge and have access to the LIVE group sessions that go along with it, I encourage you to tune into your own self and see what feels like an appropriate investment for you.

I cannot wait for YOU to experience some serious boundaries miracles over the next 30 days. Of course I can't make any promises, but I do believe that as you put in the work to heal your mindset, you will see some miraculous changes in your own life. Let's see what happens! 

Are you ready to totally transform your life? Because when you heal your boundaries, you start healing everything. 

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