Manifesting Your DREAM CAR

Are you ready to manifest your dream car? 

Not much can replace having a good car these days! Even in the age of Corona, we require reliable transportation to the places we need to go. For some people, a bus might work... but for many of us, that is just not a viable or realistic option with our lifestyles and life situations. This is a session about manifesting a DREAM CAR. 

This session covers three main topics: clearing our blocks to IDENTIFYING our dream car; clearing blocks to MANIFESTING our dream car; and clearing blocks to AFFORDING our dream car. 

I can't guarantee your dream car, obviously, but what I can do is clear energies that may be blocking you from receiving it! The rest is up to you. I can clear lots of energies in this world, but you are the one who will have to identify your car and bring your pocketbook! 

In this session, a lot of interesting energies came up, including ancestral issues regarding transportation (including transportation involving everything from horses to elephants to handcarts to boats!), even curses on transportation, and big fears of affording a car. 

Self-worth issues came up as well--do you feel undeserving of an ideal car for you?  That has GOT TO GO! If you are going to manifest an ideal car, you need to feel like you deserve it. 

I'm excited to get to work and CLEAR THESE BLOCKS so we can all have THE CARS OF OUR DREAMS!! 

-  allie

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