Energy Field Healing

Your "energy field" can refer to a lot of things, but for the purposes of this class, it's referring to the energetic "bubble" that goes around your body. You know your bubble: when people get too close to you, you can feel them in your bubble. That's what this session works on. 

When I first started being able to see people's energy fields and emotions, energy fields were one of the first things I noticed. Everyone was surrounded by a sort of bubble, and most people's bubbles were pretty broken! Ripped, torn, distorted, fragmented, and occasionally missing entirely. 

Our bubbles exist as a protection for us--and they are important vehicles of spiritual information for us. Your bubble is what picks up on it when you're being watched, for example. When people with negative energy enter the space of your bubble, your bubble can alert you. But if your bubble has problems, it's not going to work for you the way it's supposed to. 

During this session, we will work on a variety of different energies connected to your bubble, so that you can experience life with the safe boundary the bubble is meant to be for you! 

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