Accepting Assistance Session

This session is designed for those of us who resist help.... either consciously or subconsciously. 

Do people seem to avoid helping you, even when you are obviously in need of help? 

But would you reject their help or feel ashamed if they did offer to help after all? 

A story comes to mind from a few years ago. A good friend of mine went to Aldi, a grocery store that requires you to put a quarter into a slot to release a grocery cart. She forgot a quarter and had brought her 1-year-old and her infant, and she was very poor and couldn't afford the gas to drive home just to grab a quarter. 

Rather than ASK anyone for a quarter, she carried one baby on each hip then struggled through the shop carrying gallons of milk and cereal and everything else she could grab with her limited hand space. 

When she got home, she ranted and raved to me about how cruel everyone at Aldi was for not noticing that she needed a quarter to get a cart. 

I asked, "Did you ASK anyone for a quarter?" 

No. She had not. 

Do we ever play this game? Go through life struggling and wondering why no one ever helps us--but never asking for help? 

Who do we resist asking for help? 

Do we resist asking our spouses? Our children? Our friends? Our family? Society? Even God? 

It is certainly possible to ask for more help than is necessary, and it is possible to abuse the system. But in the end, we are supposed to be safe to ask for reasonable amounts of help. And we will find when we feel safe to ask for and receive help, we WILL receive it and it will be graciously given. 

This session is for those who are ready to let go of extreme independence and allow themselves to ask for and receive appropriate help. 

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