Healing From ANGER

We all deal with it--anger is a natural response to feelings of oppression and injustice.  We are supposed to feel anger. It is a gift, a signal to us that something is not right. 

But when anger persists beyond being useful, it becomes a problem. 

It becomes a problem when it bleeds out into our families, when it unduly influences our decisions, and of course when it leads to behavior we regret. 

This series will help you heal from your own inner anger, including anger from situations you may not even remember. 

Once you are done processing each video, you can watch it on behalf of your child. This is a way to help your whole family heal from the burden of anger. 

5 Modules

Healing the Anger Pathways

Help your body manage the physical creation and destruction of the chemicals that create the feelings of anger. 

Releasing Past Sources of Anger

Release and heal from anger from specific past events. 

Subconscious Programs of Anger

Delete and replace your subconscious anger programming. 

Releasing Patterns of Anger

Clear out the subconscious patterns of anger that lead to the behaviors we regret. 

Healing Disconnection

Reconnect your soul from the disconnection anger has brought. 

Modules for this product 5
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