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Have you ever experienced deja vu? Or remembered a memory from before you were born?

I had my first premortal memory when I was 14 years old. It very seriously changed my entire life.

That was well before I discovered energy work, but now that I do work with energy work, I've found that understanding premortal experiences and trauma can make a HUGE difference in healing. 

Many people believe strongly that their ancestors are their guardian angels... but who were the guardian angels for our first progenitors?

When Adam and Eve were cast out of the Garden of Eden, an angel was placed at the entrance to keep them safely distant from the Tree of Eternal Life. Yet, no one had died yet to become an angel. Yes: that angel was a pre-born person.

Who was it?

Was it you?

There are many misunderstandings about premortality. Ideas abound that we were all just happy, or that we had perfect understandings of everything and never suffered, or that we all just sort of hung out in some fancy heavenly waiting room for our time to be born.

But there is more.

I'm here to tell you today that there is more to our lives before we came here than we have ever even conceptualized. We know there was a war--but do we fully comprehend that the War in Heaven was the worst war that ever existed, worse by far than World War II and the Holocaust, more personal and traumatic than anything we could imagine, and our first introduction to backstabbing, betrayal, and intentional soul-wounding?

In D&C 138:56, we learn that there was a sort of premortal school where groups of spirits took lessons together--how do those lessons affect us today?

We know from the story of Adam and Eve that pre-born people have played roles as angels--do we fully comprehend what that implies? The implication is that many of us were up to important angelic duties here on the earth for the thousands of years between the War in Heaven and our mortal births here--and that those past experiences still influence us today.

I testify that those years were not without trauma for us.

Some people say, "But if we lived with Jesus, how could any of us have trauma? Why wouldn't Jesus just take care of it?"

I'm here to say: we have the literal same amount of access to Jesus now as we did then, and do we take advantage of it? Why do you still have problems? Why do I still have problems? The answer is, knowing Jesus is there and having Him nearby does NOT mean we are emotionally ready to take advantage of His help. And if you with all your wisdom now still struggle to turn to Him for complete and radical healing, what makes you think you would have turned to Him then?

We know from the scriptures that when we die, the spirit that comes out of us and enters the other side of the veil is the same spirit we had within us when we died.

I'm here to say: the same spirit we were born with is the one we developed on the other side before.

There is a continuity to the experience of mortality that, when understood, adds an immense amount of perspective to our lives.

As importantly, when this is properly understood, our capability for healing increases dramatically. As healers of ourselves and as facilitators for the healing of others, understanding perspectives on premortality can make a huge, huge difference in our lives.

Many people believe that things just happen to us. That life is created by dumb luck or because God is trying to "teach us a lesson" (that sounds so menacing to me!).

I invite you to consider the idea that God is a God of informed consent, and that literally everything we experience here on earth, we consciously agreed to beforehand--often out of misguided emotions and feelings of self-punishment and guilt, itself often stemming from War in Heaven trauma. I invite you to consider the possibility that we don't just experience God's plan, we experience OUR plans that we co-wrote with God--often while He sat there saying to us, "Are you really sure about this??"

I invite you to consider the possibility that by identifying and healing those premortal traumas and contracts, we can radically alter our lives today--in the areas of health, romance, family peace, employment, walking our divine path, and more.

This course is designed for everyone--seasoned practitioners and introductory newbies. Muscle testing skills are not necessary.

The outline is as follows:
WEEK 1: Introduction and the Timeline
We begin by exploring the basics of how life works as a whole--not just starting here. We cover the things that are known to have existed in the timeline of premortality, and cover:

- Understanding the role of premortality in life today
- Covering the Timeline of what happened when
- Identifying "hotspots" in the Timeline, or times that are linked to trauma in nearly all individuals

WEEK 2: War in Heaven Trauma
The War in Heaven was by far the most traumatic thing any of us had ever experienced--and for many of us, is STILL the most traumatic thing we have ever experienced. Any type of healing that only covers mortal trauma is, in my opinion, deeply flawed. In Week 2 we will cover different types of War in Heaven Trauma and begin learning how to identify and heal it in ourselves and others. We cover:

- What types of trauma were commonly incurred during the War

- How to identify War-based trauma

- Exercise for identifying and healing War-based trauma

WEEK 3: The Errand of Angels
In Week 3, we discuss WHAT angels both dead and pre-born are up to. We cover the various roles angels play, as well as the kinds of trauma those roles can lead to, and experience an exercise for identifying our own past roles. We cover:

- Scriptural discussion of angels
- Identifying the many roles angels play and have played
- Exercise for identifying roles YOU have played and how they currently affect YOUR life (something you can use for clients as well)

WEEK 4: Premortal Contracts
Every major life experience, as well as the way we perceive our day-to-day life, is linked to our premortal contracts. Some of our contracts are with God, but overwhelmingly our contracts are with ourselves and with each other, and overwhelmingly those contracts not made with God have their roots in trauma--which means that once the trauma is healed, we can shift out of our old contractual paradigms and life paths and into new paradigms of contentment and joy. This week, we cover:

- What contracts are and how they impact our day-to-day life and major life events

- Understanding contracts for depression, anxiety, childhood abuse and neglect, chronic unemployment, and more

- WHY we agreed to certain contracts--and how to change these contracts

- Digging for the ROOT of trauma-based contracting for easy and graceful replacement

- How to identify which contracts are safe and good to be removed, and which ones we really should NOT mess with

WEEK 5: Premortal Battles and Castaway Spirits

Think we all lived happily ever after before we were born? Many of us served roles protecting the living from the influence of evil spirits--and these protecting roles often led to significant spiritual wounding. In this week we cover: 

- Identifying premortal trauma from evil spirits

- Removing contracts specifically tied to these events

- Identifying and healing "castaway" trauma 

- Exercise for healing castaway trauma for the self or others

WEEK 6: The Enlightened Path
Memory exists for one primary reason: to give us the tools we need to live in the present more effectively. With greater understanding of the past comes greater capability for present and future peace, enlightenment, and continued resolution of the past. We conclude this course with:

- Tools for continued implementation of premortal healing- Discussion of the interplay between premortal healing and current healing

- How to take what you've learned and move forward with it personally and as a facilitator for others.

8 Modules

Introduction to Deep Past Resolution

Explore the introductory concepts relating to DPR. 

War in Heaven

In this module we discuss the War in Heaven and its implications for life today. 

Spiritual Contracts

We made plenty of contracts before we were born. They impact us today--BUT WE CAN CHANGE THEM.

Special DPR Hangout!

We swap DPR stories and do an astrological reading! <3 

Coerced Contracts and Castaway Trauma

Sometimes we were forced into contracts. This module covers coerced contracts and another form of trauma. 

Take the Past to the Future

Apply the principles we've learned to create a more wonderful future. 

Modules for this product 8
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