Childhood Trauma 2: General Relationships

Have you heard of the "Inner Child?" This is the part of us that still resonates with the energy of childhood. When we have unprocessed childhood trauma, it's the part of us that holds onto that. 

This is the part of us that we find acting out in sometimes unexpected moments. The part of us that might be handling things just fine, and then suddenly have a temper tantrum that would make a three-year-old proud. Where did that even come from?? It came from your Inner Child. 

Your Inner Child is still processing the trauma it experienced from childhood. In the General Childhood Trauma module, we process general childhood trauma for the Inner Child, but in this module, we focus on trauma specifically originating from relationships in childhood. 

This session is to deal with ALL childhood relationships, using symbolic imagery that should get to the root of a wide variety of childhood relationship experiences. 

The intention here is for you to experience massive, beautiful healing for your Inner Child. 

This session can be viewed by proxy for your minor children in your legal guardianship after you have completed it for yourself as well. Watch first for yourself until when you watch it, you feel completely neutral and "free." Then rewatch with the mental intention that you are watching it on behalf of your children. 

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