Childhood Trauma I: General Trauma

Childhood Trauma I: General Trauma

This session is the first in a series designed to address general childhood trauma. 

EVERYONE has experienced trauma in childhood. Even people with loving parents and a safe warm home with plenty of food growing up have childhood trauma. The childhood years are our first mortal exposures to pain, rejection, feeling unimportant and misunderstood. These early experiences are formative for all of us. 

Some of us have had extremely traumatic childhoods. Some of us by comparison have had less traumatic childhoods. But ALL childhoods leave us with false beliefs and troublesome emotions to work through. And when we don't work through them consciously, through modules like this, we work through them unconsciously, through repeating cycles of events in our lives. These cycles are responses to our habits and behaviors we have created due to our childhood experiences. 

The intention with this session is to get you started in clearing your general childhood trauma. 

This IS a session you can do by proxy for your own minor children in your legal guardianship. Watch it first for yourself and then for your minor children in your legal guardianship.

Even though many of us as parents are doing the best we can, we still end up being a source of trauma for our own children. This is actually good and important: we create the exact circumstances our children NEED in order to learn and grow and fulfill their divine missions. 

Still, as a parent, it's hard to watch how our own choices have impacted our children. 

This can be a helpful module for both ourselves and our children, if you have any. 

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