Setting Goals Without Support

Earlier this year, I told a key person in my life that I wanted their support so I could achieve my goals. 

This person seriously looked me in the eye and said NO, stood up, and walked away. 

I was stunned, but not hurt (amazingly). I realized in that moment that I was going to have to take 100% full and complete responsibility for my own success. I realized I had to let go of my beliefs that this person owed me support and assistance. Just because they are committed to me in other ways, does NOT mean they HAVE to support me in my goals. 

This led to a huge mindset shift and then massive success. As soon as I was willing to do my own work, expect unexpected sources of assistance, and release the others in my life from the unfair burdens I had placed upon them, things started really moving for me. 

This is the purpose of this session. So many of us have goals and dreams we want to achieve, and we feel like we can't because other people in our lives don't support us. We feel like we need our spouse on board, our parents on board, our kids on board, our friends on board, our authorities on board.... and when they're not, we feel stymied and blocked. 

My message to you is: you already have everything you need to accomplish the goals you are dreaming of. All you need is YOURSELF and your connection to the Divine. 

This session clears out our emotional trauma and drama wrapped up in "needing" the support of other people to move forward. 

You do not need their support. 

If what you feel called to do is important in your life, your Higher Self and the Divine will make sure you receive every amount of assistance you need to make this happen. And it will come from unexpected sources! Your life will be full of beautiful surprises that will guide you forward even when the people you thought would support you are not doing their "job." (FYI, it's not actually their job!)

If you've been feeling called to do something and felt blocked from making it happen, this is a session just for you. See you inside! <3 

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