Session for Car Accidents


They can ruin your life. 

The impact from car accidents can hurt your body and your emotions. Car accidents can be so high-impact, they can damage a human body in a way most other things cannot even come close to. 

Physical pain from car accidents can persist for weeks, months, years, decades. 

EMOTIONAL pain, regret, fear, stress, and general trauma from car accidents can persist for months and years and even decades. 

The aftermath of car accidents can be far-reaching in so, so many ways. 

Just thinking about the paperwork involved is enough to give some people a headache... let alone the actual physical and emotional damage done. 

This session is all about clearing the energy and emotions around car accidents... and if any of THAT is behind chronic physical issues from car accidents... so much the better! 

This session is available by donation so pick the price point that feels right to order. 

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