Chronic Fatigue Session 3

This session is designed to help with fatigue of all kinds, both diagnosed "Chronic Fatigue Syndrome" and just feeling generally tired a lot. 

I do NOT have Chronic Fatigue, but I did the session for myself and found myself bounding with energy, and motivated to exercise for the first time in months. Here are some testimonials: 

This is a longer testimonial: 

Thank you 

Thank you 

Thank you!!!  

I'm still sitting in amazement as to what just happened and is still happening!  I was intentionally laying in my bed when you started at 3 pm. I felt sensations in my brain and the back of my neck. I felt inspired to move my pillow then a lot started releasing in the back of my neck. My head and neck straightened out!

Then I felt a warm sensation in my solar plexus and felt power! I felt my thyroid get hot. I was sure that i was going to read that you worked on the thyroid.

My throat, trachea and all the muscles and stuff in my neck started moving down toward the back of my body, Slowly but significantly. It was like everything was being put back in it's right place.

I started breathing better and noticed that my diaphragm was breathing me now instead of my shoulders. In a past session's Q and A you told me that my nerves in my solar plexus were paralyzed and my diaphragm was not working. I was sure that breathing improvement was going to be written in your session notes! I started feeling sensations in my digestive system And was sure that you were going to write about that too. Things are really moving down there! Then my shoulders relaxed. It suddenly felt like a brace had been removed from my back and chest! Ha!

Ok so now I'm breathing better and I'm still wide eyed and astounded and thanking God for this!! I was famished too and just finished eating. I will drink lots of water and add those essential oils like you did.  I'm excited to see what tomorrow brings! Thank you!! 

To access this session, order by donation. 

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