Personality Activation

If you've ever taken a personality test in an attempt to understand yourself better... well, you're definitely not alone. 

Most people feel like they don't know who they really are. And this is a tragedy! 

Understanding our own personalities can be hugely helpful to us, which is why things like aura personality profiling, the Meyers-Briggs test, and the Enneagram are so popular. 

But so many times, we take these tests and are still just left feeling like: why don't I really feel like who I am? 

This session is about supercharging our PERSONALITY. 

We start off downloading our own personal divine blueprints for our personality, so our bodies know what they are working with. 

Then we jump right into clearing the trauma around personality expression. 

Things we work on in this session include: 

  • Feeling like you have to "put on a mask" or a costume and pretend to be something or someone you're not
  • Feeling like people don't even like who you are. If they don't like your personality, why express that personality? 
  • Feelings of low self-esteem and unsafety around personality expression
  • Feeling unsafe to be yourself
  • Feeling forced to do things that are out of alignment with your core personality

One of the powerful images we'll be working through in this session is the funeral for personality. As I was preparing this session, I saw a funeral procession for a person's personality: YOUR personality. MY personality. Haven't we all at some point said: "wow, people don't like my personality very much, apparently. I guess I'll just bury it"? 

I've been there. My guess is that you've been there, too. 

This session is a serious exploration of personality and the trauma that has led to us keeping our personalities under wraps. 

This is a big session. It is designed for people who are really ready to take the next step in being themselves without guilt or shame. The pricing reflects this: this is an investment in being yourself unapologetically, in every way.

If you are not there yet, if you are not ready for that step, this is what I'm going to recommend in the meantime: 

First, start with Releasing Shame About Sharing Who You Are, which is available by donation

Next, work through Opening the Heart, also currently available by donation

After that, you'll want to work through Healing From Self-Loathing, also available by donation

And then, you'll want to work through Goodbye Judgypants, available by donation

Those four sessions are a great preparation for this session and will help you get in a mindspace where you are ready to take full advantage of personality activation. 

Sending you love and light! Hope to see you in the session! 

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