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"I have tried multiple things to try getting my crazy teenagery, night-owl schedule in check, but everything always felt too hard, too “woo-woo” or just too darn complicated to actually sustain. I like that this is set up to be very short and simple, but that you also take full responsibility for how much good you want it to do in your life. When I actually took the time to lay down and go through the session step by step, I actually felt a shift. The bottoms of my feet started tingling, and I was yawning! Now a few days later, I can tell that I’m actually getting sleepy around my ideal bedtime—which never happens unless I’ve had a tremendously physically exhausting day, or take some melatonin before bed! The past few days I’ve actually seen more significant changes than I allowed myself to expect. I’m so excited for the rest of this series!" - S. A.

"I did this session before bed last night. As I was falling asleep, I saw a blue light surround me. It felt peaceful. Even though my mind tried to keep thinking about things I needed to do the next day, my body relaxed into sleep." - L. D. 

"Definitely felt a peaceful rest as I imagined all of this happening in real time." - T. Z. 


How's your sleep? 

I've gotten lots of requests for sleep work over the years, and this is the first time I've worked on it in a group setting. 

Here's my intention: for this work to clear blocks to healthy, ideal, healing sleep for all participants. 

My dream would be for everyone who participates to come that much closer to being able to fall asleep easily at appropriate times; to stay asleep appropriately; to go back to sleep easily when woken up; and to feel rested after sleeping. 

My other intention is that all participants would feel energized and prepared to face the challenges of their day when it is NOT time for sleep. 

Sleep quality impacts all areas of our lives. When our sleep is bad, everything in life is just not as good. We can be crabby and short with those we love; we can be frustrated and upset over things that would not be quite so irritating if we just had more sleep in our systems. 

Getting good sleep is critical to being functional, being calm, being happy, being healthy. 

After you order, you will log in here to access the tapping scripts and read the notes of the session. I am very excited to be working on everyone's energy for this issue. It's time to up our sleeping game! 💕💕💕

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