Hostility Session

Hostility is adjacent to anger, but not the same as anger. I never considered hostility to be an emotion before I did some reading an adrenaline dominance and saw a doctor arguing that "trapped hostility" is behind a lot of adrenal problems in this world. When I started really looking at "hostility" as something separate from anger, I was shocked to see it in MYSELF! Of all places! Towards a variety of people and things. 

All of us deal with trapped hostility to something or another--and when we don't process that hostility, it can cause serious adrenal issues (and general unhappiness!). 

Hostility is an intensely destructive emotion that can hinder your personal and professional life. Beyond the immediate damage it causes in relationships and interactions, it also has deep-seated impacts on your emotional and mental health. Left unchecked, hostility can create a cycle of negative energy that affects your decisions, interactions, and even your body. Healing these hostile emotions is not just about feeling better; it's about reclaiming your life and creating space for positive, empowering experiences to take root.

When we focus on healing hostility, we're really talking about making profound, transformative changes to the way we perceive and react to the world around us. 

When experience hostility, the negative energy of hostility doesn't just stay within you; it radiates outwards, affecting all aspects of your life. Healing our hostility can help shift all of our relationships. 

Addressing hostility can help equip you with better coping and emotional management skills. You empower yourself to break out of harmful cycles and to start creating a life filled with more joy and less conflict. This is how we can turn our struggles into strengths.

My intention is to work on our inner hostility towards ourselves and others, and then work on the hostility others direct towards us. I'm hoping for a very transformational session! 

I hope to see you in the session! 

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