Opening the Heart Session

Is your heart closed? 

We can't experience true happiness with a closed heart. But when we have experienced trauma and betrayal, the heart's natural defense is to close itself off, shut itself down. 

Opening the heart is CRITICAL to feeling love, to feeling comfort, to feeling like YOURSELF. 

Your heart is really the seat of your core self. When it is shut down because of past experiences, you are cut off from your own core. How can you move forward in life without being thoroughly connected to that crucial inner part of your Self? 

More than that, the heart is necessary for all functional relationships. If we want happy, healthy relationships, we MUST figure out how to operate in our relationships with an open heart. 

The heart is also the seat of all prosperity. This is because the heart rules all give and take: it gives and takes blood to the body, and on a spiritual level, it rules the give and take in relationships, in finances, and in everything else. If you are struggling with prosperity, one reason for that may be your heart. 

This session opens the heart to prosperity of all kinds: relationship prosperity, romance prosperity, financial prosperity.  

Your heart needs to be open to be abundant! Your heart needs to be open to have safe and fulfilling relationships. Your heart needs to be open so you can connect with your SELF.

If you are feeling your heart is closed to the good things in life at all--NOW IS THE TIME to start the opening process. Enjoy the session! 

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