Chronic Fatigue Session 4

This is the fourth session in the by-donation, a la carte series for Chronic Fatigue. This is recommended for everyone who has an actual diagnosis of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, as well as those who are just dealing with ongoing tiredness and exhaustion. 

Here is one text I got from someone who took the first Chronic Fatigue session: 

She had to pull an all-nighter but still had plenty of energy! 

For myself, I do NOT have a diagnosis of Chronic Fatigue, but as of this writing, I am about 33 weeks pregnant. This pregnancy I have been pretty tired, which makes sense. It's my fifth go-round and I'm TIRED! But after including myself in these sessions, I've found myself stunningly energized. To the point where I am now exercising an hour a day, whereas this entire pregnancy before now, I couldn't find it within myself to exercise at ALL. 

So this has been very exciting to me! 

This is another testimonial from this series:

I do hope you will give this entire series a try. Chronic Fatigue (and chronic conditions of any kind) is unlikely to resolve after just one session; this is why I have done a whole series for this. In my opinion it is absolutely worth it to give it a try! 

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