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Our fascia literally holds our bodies together. When the sperm first hit the egg that became YOU, that first cell was a fascia cell.  Some people say that your aura connects into your body through your fascia. Your muscles and organs store SOME of your trapped emotions, but really, your fascia stores the bulk of them. 

In this session, we're clearing out some of your fascia on a physically bioenergetic level! 

When you go through sudden trauma, like a car accident or an assault, your fascia can stiffen up in response. Fascial issues can be linked to a lot of lingering physical issues after an acute traumatic event.

I am SO INTERESTED to hear what changes you notice in your body after this session.

Things I really focused on in this session:

  • A lot of times bodies want to hold onto injuries because they hold the record of what was done wrong to them. I found a LOT of that in this session. So we'll be replacing that mindset with one that is willing to let go of trauma on a fascial level, and then letting it go.

  • Sexual trauma leads to really bound fascia in the pelvic area and sometimes that can lead to nerve damage and all sorts of issues in the pelvic area. So I spent a LOT of time carefully detangling that area. Sometimes I thought I was done, and then a few minutes I'd have to go back to it. I'm hopeful abuse survivors will feel big changes in their pelvic floor (in a good way!).

  • Honoring a lot of the emotions involved with fascial stiffness. A lot of different things came up, and one person in particular came up. I have no idea who you are. But maybe you will do this session for yourself and feel a big change and know it was you. One person in particular had some BIG stuff come up and it took a while to clear it. When it was gone, it felt like... a big emptiness. To me, that was good but I can see how it would feel a bit shocking to someone used to holding a lot of trauma, to have that all clear at once.

So I'm really interested to hear what you think of this session.

This session is 100% written at this time. Maybe someday I will record it for audio, but today is not that day! So when you order this session, you will work through it as you read along. 

Hopefully you see big positive shifts in your body and your emotions! 

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