Doing What's IMPORTANT

We all logically know that when it comes to tasks that must be accomplished, there is a smart order in which to do them. It makes the most sense to do urgent and important things first, and then to do unimportant and non-urgent things later. 

Some people's brains automatically scan their to-do list (their mental list, no less!) and automatically sort it by urgency and importance and then do the tasks in that order. Sometimes those brains will take things a step further and even figure out the most efficient way to accomplish these things in the right order! 

And some brains really struggle with this whole concept. ADHD, for example, is primed to kind of act in the opposite way: with ADHD, one of the defining features is to skip over things that are important in favor things that are not important, and to put off things that are urgent until they are EXTREMELY URGENT. This leads to a very stressful life that would be much less stressful if the brains with ADHD could instinctively sort to-do lists by priority of urgency and importance and then naturally and instinctively take action on those items in the order of priority. 

This session is all about being able to instinctively look at what must be done, and mentally sort it out into an order, and then do it. 

I really struggled with what to call this session. Here's a slide from the intro of the session: 

I think all humans struggle with this energy from time to time... the energy of seeing what needs to be done, but NOT seeing what ORDER it must be done in, and then struggling to prioritize and take appropriate action. Sometimes action is taken, and sometimes it is even taken on something that is of some kind of importance, but often the action is taken on things that are not important and not in the right order.

This session is all about helping our brains learn how to naturally sort tasks by importance and then take instinctual action. 

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