Sleep Session 2

If you have trouble sleeping, there are probably a few different things in play. In Sleep Session 1, we worked on ancestral and generational traumas relating to sleep, as well as the energies of nightmares and night terrors, and more. While I was working on that session, it came to me very clearly that the next session on sleep HAD to be about the sleeping environment. 

What is the sleeping environment? 

That would include things like your bed and bedroom, your bedding (pillows and sheets, etc), and the physical walls and floor and ceiling of the bedroom, as well as anything else in that area. 

The physical environment in which we sleep can make an enormous difference to our sleep quality. 

When I was a kid, I had a terrifying closet in my bedroom. I was so scared of it, all the time. It made it very hard for me to sleep and I would have nightmares about the closet very regularly. 

Now that I am a grown-up with a strong sense of energetic sight, I can see that there was a "portal" in that closet for negative energy and entities––no wonder I was terrified every night of my childhood in that room! 

My goal is to clear out any and all energies like that from your space and room and life. No one needs to spend all their sleeping time in terror because of the energy of their bedroom. 

This session will be taking place on Friday morning, June 4, 2021. After you register, you don't need to do anything to participate, besides log in later that day or in the future to do the tapping scripts and read the notes of the session. 

Very, very excited to clear some yucky energy from all of our homes and sleeping areas. 

Love and light! 

- allie

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