Social Contagion and Electronic Addiction

Let's face it: basically everyone is addicted to their phones.

We already live in the zombie apocalypse. People self-medicate all day long with their devices, opting out of presence and into the escape of social media and other screen use. Who can blame us? The real world can be pretty lame. It can be so self-soothing to mentally escape into the visual candy of pictures and videos in a box in our hands. We can read and explore anything we want at the flick of a finger. 

But this comes at a price. 

Human beings are already prone to social contagion. That's part of what makes us human. On a dangerous planet, it makes sense for members of a species to care about what the other members think and do. We want to copy each other. We want to fit in. Fitting in is safe; biologically, our bodies and hormone profiles desire that safety for us. We want to be like the other people around us. 

In a pre-social media world, trends could take years to develop––or even decades. I watched a video recently where a woman tried 500 years of haircuts, and sometimes the same haircut would be in vogue for 30, 40, 50 years or more. Incredible! Now, we have new trends emerging season to season, or even more quickly than that. Social media has given us the ability to connect with millions of people at once. The people with the largest personalities and voices amass the biggest followings. Then they experience an outsize amount of influence over those people, and large groups of people can shift their thinking and behavior all at once. 

This doesn't have to be a bad thing; it can be used for good. I hope I use my platform for good. But many people use their influence for selfish purposes and intentionally or inadvertently influence their following in negative ways.

Many of our personal problems now come from social contagion and electronics addiction. Every time we as parents are sucked into the world of social media at the expense of our children, our children pay for it. Our families pay for it. Our homes pay for it. It is so easy to get sucked into the lull of dopamine hits as we scroll on social media, rather than be present with our whining children, rather than clean up the messes that never stop cycling through, rather than taking care of the hard things we would rather not do.

This session is designed to support us and our children in being wiser with our screen time and being able to put down our screens easily and effortlessly. This session also covers the energies we have all experienced of getting sucked into social contagion. Being absorbed with trends from the internet affects all of us to some extent, but this is especially dangerous for our children and youth. This session will arm you to heal from social contagion yourself, but also will help you protect your children and family as a whole. 

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