Healing Life Force Energy Systems

Dealing with depression, or feeling no will to live? Are you struggling in your relationships with others? All of these things can spring from trouble with Life Force Energy Systems. This session heals LFE problems so we can live free from depression and flourish in relationships.

Your body and spirit run on LIFE FORCE. You may have heard of "prana" or "chi." These are both aspects of life force. I was taught that those words are interchangeable, but when I went to the Divine directly to learn more about life force, what I learned is that there are separate systems for prana AND chi. And to be fully functional and happy, you need BOTH working appropriately. 

We have five Life Force Energy systems: 

  1. CHI, which has to do with the HEART and the life force we derive from our heartbeat and blood 

  2. PRANA, which has to do with the LUNGS and the life force energy we derive from the air we breathe and the "breath of life" 

  3. SOLA, which has to do with the life force energy we derive from the SUNLIGHT 

  4. TERRA, which has to do with the life force energy we derive from the EARTH through our feet, and 

  5. DEI, which is the life force energy we derive from our connection to our Higher Power/ the Universe. 

All human bodies benefit from having all five of these systems fully operational--but we can SURVIVE with just one eking along.... or even none. 

If you have zero life force energy systems functioning, you can still survive and be alive... but it comes at a price. EVERYONE needs life force energy. When it's not coming to you through your own systems, you're getting it from other people. 

This is where the term "energy vampire" comes from. When a person is an energy vampire, it means they are sucked the literal life force from those around them, just to survive. 

I'm sure we all know "energy vampires," the sorts of people that leave you feeling drained just by being around them. And maybe we actually ARE energy vampires ourselves sometimes. No one wants to be one, but the reality is, some people reading this ARE that person (sorry! I love you!). 

The thing about energy vampires is that it is NOT conscious. This is a survival technique that crops up when all life force energy systems are down and non-functional. 

So it's important to have grace for all the energy vampires in our lives, including OURSELVES when we are "that person." 

But we also don't have to live with malfunctioning systems. 

Healing these Life Force Energy Systems is POSSIBLE and it can be totally life-changing. You can feel energized, revitalized, and just generally HAPPY just by having all your life force energy systems on board. So this is one reason I recommend this series of sessions for anyone dealing with depression, anxiety, or other mental health struggles of that nature--along with those dealing with chronic fatigue or chronic pain. When the life force energy systems are not functioning right, we feel tired, emotionally struggling, and in physical or emotional pain! So getting these systems functioning can make a huge difference. 

This series comes with a money-back guarantee. This series costs about the same as one or two hours of talk therapy with an actual talk therapist. 

If you do not see as much or more increase in a sense of wellbeing from this series as you would see or have seen with 90 minutes to 2 hours of talk therapy, reach out and I'll refund your money. This is a powerful series and I know you are going to see positive shifts from it! 

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