Energetic Thyroid Cleanse

SO many people struggle with thyroid problems these days! 

Thyroid issues come down to three major problems: 

1. Environmental toxicity 

2. Lifestyle toxicity 

3. Emotional toxicity 

Environmental toxicity has one easy fix--my favorite thing for handling heavy metal exposure and radiation exposure that affects the thyroid is TRS detox spray, which you take by spraying into your mouth. This powerful nano zeolite detox spray can actually detox from the inside of the thyroid, removing toxicity so your thyroid can heal itself. 

This session, though, focuses on the second and third issues surrounding thyroid malfunction: lifestyle and energetic toxicity. 

When we embrace lifestyles that are toxic to our bodies, our thyroids in particular react. Seated in our throats, right where our voices originate in the fifth chakra, it's as if this little gland is screaming, "LISTEN TO ME!! WE'RE HAVING A PROBLEM!" 

Most people don't listen to their thyroid! 

This session digs into the messages of the thyroid and the trauma the thyroid is holding, helping you clear out this trauma and understand the messages your thyroid has for you. 

This is an ideal session for both hyper- and hypothyroid, as well as Hashimotos, and anyone without a diagnosed thyroid condition but who feels as though their thyroid could probably really use some help. 

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Clear the Thyroid

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