Liver Energy Cleanse

The liver has over 500 known functions in the body. These functions include and involve detoxing, breaking down used-up hormones, and determining how much fat you burn day to day. 

Energetically, the liver is responsible for emotions of anger. 

When we are exposed to lots of toxicity, or when we are very angry, our livers can get congested--which can lead to health problems both physical and emotional. 

You can clean out the liver manually with a Hulda Clark-style liver cleanse, which involves fasting, drinking Epsom salts and purging the liver physically. This can be hard on the body. 

A much easier liver cleanse is called TRS--a nano-zeolite detox spray that safely detoxes your whole body, not just your liver

But some people just need a liver cleanse they can do in video format... and this is just that sort of cleanse! 

This is the perfect cleanse for those of us who are so toxic they cannot handle a traditional cleanse. 

The five videos in this series will walk you through preparation and then the energetic liver cleanse--and yes, clients have reported actual bright green liverstones after taking this series. Liverstones are NOT guaranteed and a minority of clients report this--but you just never know! 

Healing your liver can make a big difference to your life in many areas, because the liver is so critical to so many functions in your body. 

If you are feeling the need to cleanse your liver, I recommend ordering this energetic cleanse immediately, before you forget. This IS something worth prioritizing. 

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