Business Blocks I

I really and truly believe that everyone can and should have a successful business. Many people DO already have businesses, but don't fully utilize them. 

We get crippled by fear of what other people will think of us; overwhelm; not knowing what to do next. Virtually ALL of us have toxic business and money patterns ingrained in us from our ancestry. If you think about it, between you and Adam and Eve, there have probably been at least a handful of business owners in your family line.... and you know they experienced probably some good times, but probably also a lot of hard times. 

Where in your business are you manifesting old generational patterns? 

Or: if you've wanted to start a business, but haven't yet--what is holding you back? 

THIS is the time to get started. There is no better time than NOW. 

It's like they say about fruit trees... the best time to plant an apple tree was five years ago. But the second-best time to plant is NOW. 

Now is the time that we have. 

We live in a world of uncertainty. 

The more we can heal our own issues surrounding generating the income we need with our businesses, the more we can serve ourselves, and the more we can serve THE WORLD!! 

Self-reliance is a beautiful thing, but serving others is also beautiful! It is such an amazing thing when you can marry the two and serve other people from your heart AND use that to create self-reliance. 

So that is my goal with this session on clearing Business Blocks. There are a LOT of business blocks out there in our collective consciousness, so this is just Part 1.

Part 2 is available here

So excited to be busting through our business blocks!!! 

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