Hopelessness Session

Do you feel hopeless? 

When I was 20 years old, my severely disabled brother had a series of sudden onset health issues that left medical professionals claiming he had mere weeks to live. I and my new husband moved back in with my parents to help care for my brother in his final days. 

.... but he survived for FIVE MORE YEARS, required around the clock full personal care. Diaper changes, tube feeding. He was nonverbal. He was as big as I was. 

Every week the doctors would tell us he'd probably die any minute. But a few years into that, I lost all hope. My brother was in enormous pain, and caring for him was enormously painful too. It felt like nothing would ever change. 

I lost all hope. 

To be honest, recovering a sense of hope has been an ongoing struggle since that time. Maybe you've felt that way: like life has beaten you over and over again to the point where it feels impossible to feel hopeful. Like: what's the point? Why hope for anything when there's no point and things will not get better? 

That is what this session is all about. 

It's about meeting us all where we are at on our journey of hope or despair. If you feel that sense of hopelessness, that sense of "what's the point," this session is for you. This session is about meeting us where we are in the depths of any hopelessness we may feel, and validating those feelings, and then reteaching the mind, body, and spirit how to live in a space of hope instead

It really can be safe to live in a space of hope. We really do live in a good world, in a supportive Universe, with an All-Loving Divine Power that is invested in our higher good. It can be safe to live in a space of trust that things are always going to get better, instead of living in a space of emptiness or pessimism. 

Are you ready to take the leap? Are you ready to feel hope again?


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