Weight Loss Jumpstart

Hi! Thanks for taking a look at Weight Loss Jumpstart! 

This 4-week program is all about releasing excess physical body weight in a safe, supported, effective way that gets to the root reasons why you have retained excess weight. 

The energy work in this membership includes but is not limited to work on: 

  • food addiction
  • general self-sabotage
  • unhealed trauma around food
  • using food as distraction
  • holding onto excess weight to "prove" that others love us
  • staying overweight to avoid attention from the opposite sex
  • and more

My philosophy with this work is that YOU ARE A GROWN UP and YOU HAVE ALL THE ANSWERS YOU NEED already inside your body. 

My job is to provide you with clearings YOU can work through, and to provide guidance on how to connect better with your body to find the answers you need. 

I can guarantee that working through your emotional trauma, false beliefs, and negative lifestyle habits and patterns using the tools in this series will help you lose weight. But I can't guarantee YOU will do the work. Your results 100% depend on YOUR OWN EFFORTS. If you are not ready to put in some effort, you should not expect to see results. 

Before joining, please understand that one strict requirement is a POSITIVE MENTAL ATTITUDE. I understand the weight loss journey can be frustrating at times but I am setting the intention that those who choose into this series are ALSO choosing to consciously choose into positivity. If you are feeling negative about your progress for any reason, you are invited to scribble and journal and tap about it, or leave the membership.

By signing up for this series, you are committing to taking responsibility for your attitude, your habits, your patterns, your trauma, your healing, and really, for your entire life. It's a big deal. So be sure you're ready. 

If your intuition has led you here, I believe it is for a reason. If you are ready for what this is, I hope you give it a try.


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I'm Ready To Release My Excess Weight

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