Healing Psyche Fragmentation

When a person experiences a trauma too big for them to process, the brain has evolved a survival technique for that: disassociation. 

In energy work terms, fragmentation

Everything in an energy field can fragment, from the energy of specific organs or meridians, to the aura, to the arclines, to the consciousness itself. 

When a person has extreme consciousness fragmentation, it sometimes results in a diagnosis of multiple personality disorder (MPD), or disassociative identity disorder (DID). 

It's easy to notice fragmentations when the fragments become extremely different from each other in terms of temperament, self-image, and presentation. When a person has lots of fragments that each take on their own distinct identities, a fragmentation becomes obvious. 

But much more common are quiet fragmentations. Consider this: a woman who has been through child abuse, and who now has multiple fragments of her consciousness--but they are all named "Susan" and they all identify as being her same age and having her same interests. 

In those cases, the only way you could discover such fragmentations would be through intuitive insight and muscle testing. 

This class deals with identifying fragmentations of all sorts, and healing them at their roots. Further, we explore how to restore the body-mind's integrity so in future cases of trauma the body knows how to handle things without resorting to fragmentation. 

This is an excellent class especially for people already familiar with some energy work. 

Just to be clear, this is a class that will teach you how to heal fragmentation in yourself and in others; it is not a group session. For sessions to help heal fragmentation, I recommend Healing from Ritual Abuse.


Multiple personality work is much more necessary than many of us realize. I do urge you at this time to muscle test for yourself and ask if YOU have any multiple personalities, split psyches, or soul fragmentations.

Sometimes fragmented personalities are very obvious: It's easy to see splits when your client is a 40yo woman and she has splits that are ages 4 and 25 and of the opposite gender.
It's harder to see when your client's splits are all the same age and have the same name as your client.

What I mean is: What if you have 6 split personalities or psyche fragmentations, but they all go by your same name and identify as YOU? That's where it gets tricky. How would you ever know which one was in play? They would all feel like "you," just slightly off. Just slightly "off" enough to be written off as a shift in mood or temperament.

When fragmentations of this nature are in play, it can make energy work very erratic. An energy work session done for a person typically only applies to the part of that person that is "in play," or currently active, unless otherwise specified.

So say you have a client who is dealing with insomnia. You do a session on it and it works that night, but not in the future.
Unbeknownst to you, there was a split involved: this person's personality had been previously split into 12 pieces, and only 1 of those pieces was currently associated with her body, accounting for 5% of her total personality.

You just did an energy work session on 5% of her core personality, but unfortunately that left 95% and 11 other splits that received NO energy work and still have the problem.
When the healed fragment is active, that's great! And when the others are active, it's like no work was done at all.

~~~~CAUTION: I do NOT recommend experimenting with reintegration without training. Remember that fragments initially fragment for good reasons. Reintegrating prematurely can actually expose all the fragments to the significant trauma that was being safely sequestered on separate fragments. So reintegrate without training at your own risk because you can actually make things much worse if you reintegrate without addressing and resolving key fragmentation issues! That is, at least, my own observation and experience. Fragments often store trauma so large it cannot be reintegrated safely: if it could be reintegrated safely, usually it would have already reintegrated by now. So if you are dealing with fragmentations, that is a good sign that there is something there that needs to be resolved by someone who really knows how to handle fragmentation. That is my opinion.~~~

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