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Hello! I'm glad you're here. This is where you can book a personal session. 

I personally do NOT recommend spending money on personal sessions to start with. After doing many hundreds of personal sessions, I realized that every single person that came to me had THE SAME PROBLEMS as other people. That is why I created this site and this style of sessions: because literally every human can benefit from these group sessions at a fraction of the cost of a personal session. 

To me, it is the wisest course of action to spend your money on group sessions at first, and then after you've done several of those, schedule a personal session. 

For me, I just remember being new to the healing world and seeing people charging $90, $150, $250 and beyond for personal sessions, and that was a huge sacrifice for me at the time. I had a TON of healing work that needed to get done, and I did NOT have that kind of money. So I created this library of group sessions exactly for people in my previous scenario! I believe it is smartest to work through affordably-priced group work on relevant topics first, and then pay for a personal one-on-one session that can clean up the stuff that didn't get cleared from the group work. 

I currently am not doing personal sessions, but my Intuition Accelerator students are, under the supervision of my team. Here is more about that!

You can order a personal student session by clicking the yellow button below. 

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