Gallbladder Session

This session is designed to work on the physical organ of the gallbladder. The gallbladder also has a meridian and its own chakras, and those will not be covered in this session. But the intention for this session is to clear the energy of the gallbladder organ so that it can function more appropriately. This is especially a good session if you have gallbladder problems, family history of gallbladder problems, or have had your gallbladder removed. 

If you had your gallbladder removed, it was because the physical organ was having big problems--which means the energy of the gallbladder was having big problems.  

Removing the organ did NOT remove the toxic energy that caused the physical body problems. 

My intention with this session is to clear the negative energies from the energy of the gallbladder organ, restore balance, and re-teach the gallbladder how to function effectively. 

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