This session is for BREECH BABIES. The intention of this session is to help them turn before birth. Breech babies carry the energy of "breech" for their whole lives, though, from what I understand. So my intention is that this session will be appropriate for moms who have a breech baby currently and need the baby to turn before birth, AND for people who were born breech.

This is because "breech" energy can remain with a breech baby for life! 

What energy of "breech" is retained long after birth? The issue is that the CHAKRAS come out in the opposite order. In a typical birth, you come out crown first and end with the root. The order in which your chakras enter this earthly plane matter. 

With a breech birth, the baby comes out with the root first and then the crown last. It can lead to a sort of reversal of polarity or a reversal of "order." Breech energy can feel "upside-down." The goal is to flip that energy the other way and reset it. 

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