Chronic Pain Session 1

This is the first by-donation session in the a la carte series on Chronic Pain. If you are dealing with chronic pain of any kind, I highly recommend this session. This would include chronic back pain, kidney pain, knee pain, general pain: any kind of pain. 

Here's what people are saying: 


"Wow! WOW!

So, so, SO much going on! I don't generally think of myself as someone who deals with chronic pain, but I experience lots of pain on a regular basis. I guess I've just gotten used to it. I assessed my pain, which resulted in me FEELING it where I usual try to ignore it. It was not pleasant, but it was a good reminder to tune in. And then after tapping, oh my goodness!

NOTHING like I expected!!! I was laying down so i6 could focus, but my head needed to MOVE! FAST! So I quickly turned my head side to side, before feeling an overwhelming urge to jump out of bed. So I did! And proceeded to "shake it off" like nobody's business. Seriously, if my neighbors could have seen me they likely would have thought I had lost my mind!

That ended almost as abruptly as it started, so I laid back down and did some breathing while reading your notes. Dang! It's as if it was a personalized session! The car accidents, the falls, the twisting in ways that shouldn't - I have experienced all of them multiple times each. And the emotional pain and frustration stemming from the physical pain. Wow! During my breathing I definitely felt movement in my neck, shoulder, lower back, sciatica, legs, and ankles.

But then the tapping!!!! Every time I tried to start tapping, my body said, "I need more deep breaths first" and that lasted a good three minutes or so before I could tap.  And then MAGIC!!! The energy was INTENSE!  All through my body, too. Some areas became super light and tingly on the inside - almost like my insides were floating around before reconnecting, if that makes sense. In some areas the pain intensified, and then faded. And the nerves - some of the areas where nerves have been affected got super light - like color light and floaty light - and then got tingly. Other areas where nerves are affected got worse, then kind of floated and went back to my normal. 

Now, about half an hour later, my entire body still feels all tingly and light. I'm definitely making an appointment with my chiropractor and will be repeating the tapping!

Thank you so much! This is so exciting!"


"Did my first chronic pain session tapping scripts last night before falling asleep, specifically for my knee pain that had been PLAGUING me for MONTHS- making me think I'm going to have to replace my knee at a young age- I woke up without that specific pain! I jumped out of bed quickly because I heard a scary noise, and usually after being still that long, my knee is completely locked up with pain. It takes several minutes of ooching and scootching, slowly unlocking that joint to be able to walk. But I jumped up! Also, I haven't been able to comfortably lie on my stomach (my preferred sleep position) without a pillow or bunched up blankets under my ankle to keep my knee from stretching out all the way, it was extremely painful. Just laying on my belly with my knee fully extended like a normal person, felt like hyperextension to me, if that makes sense. But not this morning! I rolled onto my stomach and prepared to have that gasping pain, and to bunch up the blanket under my ankle, but I didn't need to! Incredible! I immediately did another tapping!I plan on doing it at often as I think of it!"


This session can be remarkably, remarkably effective for pain. I do hope you will give it a try! 

When it comes to chronic conditions, one single session is unlikely to solve EVERY problem. This is why this is just the first in the series on chronic pain. So start here, and then consider taking Chronic Pain Session 2. 

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