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Are you ready to heal your body, your feelings, and your life? 

These sessions will change your life 10x faster than therapy, at 1/10th of the price. 

These FREE Foundational Sessions are guaranteed to change your life. If you're willing to just give them a try, you can see for yourself the power of the innovative healing techniques I have developed. 

This is how it works: 

  1. Sign up for the Foundational Sessions below. That button right down there! 

  2. Remember that your username AND your password are BOTH your email address. This is how you will log in forever.

  3. Bookmark this website on your computer or save it as an icon on your phone home screen so you can find it again. 

  4. Listen to the sessions inside. 

  5. Multi-task if you need to; no need to turn off all the lights and lie down in a quiet place. You can listen in any situation where you would normally listen to a podcast. 

  6. Pay attention to how you feel. Do you need to listen to the session again? Or do you need some time for your body to catch up to the healing you've experienced?

  7. When you feel ready, you can listen to another session! 

Heal your mind, heal your feelings, heal your heart.


9 Modules

You Deserve to HEAL

This session is the NUMBER ONE most important session to begin with. You can't heal unless you believe you deserve to heal!

Calling Back Your Personal Power

This session helps you restore the personal power you have given away to other people over your life. 

Resetting Your Polarity Session

In this very important session, we reset the polarity on our personal body's electromagnetic fields so we can receive accurate intuitive information and feel more grounded and aligned within our own bodies. 

Grounding Session

This session will help you get GROUNDED. Grounding is necessary to SLEEP, to feeling solid and stable in your own body, and to accurate muscle testing and intuition. This is a KEY SESSION for every human being! 

Understanding Scribbling

The "scribbling technique" is one I recommend often to my clients and students. This is a page that will teach you how to do it. Please read the entire thing before trying your first healing scribble!

Understanding Intuitive Calibration

Learn how to use your own breath and body to receive accurate intuitive answers. 

Lesson on TAPPING

Here, I explain what tapping is, and how to do it, and why you would do it. This is a powerful way to shift energy nearly instantly. 

Modules for this product 9
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