Hip and Low Back Pain

This session is all about clearing hip and low back pain.

One participant said, "Allie, absolutely phenomenal class. It's as if you stepped into my journal, my mind, my healy, my current situation and addressed everything that is going on. You gave me answers, guidance, hope, and it was absolutely incredible."

"Back pain was an 8/9 when I started, Muscle testing says a 2, but it feels like a 0."

Because there are a diverse number of reasons for back pain, I cannot guarantee anything about your back pain from this session. But I can guarantee that as you work through this session, many underlying energetic reasons for your back pain will be resolved. There may be both physical AND energetic reasons for your pain, but we will be working through energetic reasons, and I will be making recommendations for the physical aspect as well. 

I'm so excited for you to dig into the root causes of your physical pain! 

- allie

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