Jealousy Session

I think we can all agree that jealousy is a toxic emotion. This session covers jealousy, envy, and covetousness--all forms of discontent or resentful longing for other people's items, possessions, characteristics, lifestyles, or good fortune.  

Being jealous feels constrictive and ugly on the inside, and being the recipient of someone else's jealousy can lead to anger, resentment, guilt, and hopelessness. Jealousy is a deeply disempowering feeling to experience and to receive. 

Jealousy is not just a money issue; jealousy can affect us in all sorts of realms of life. In the Holy Bible, God commands the people not to covet each other's resources--OR each other's animals OR each other's WIVES or servants and all sorts of stuff. People are capable of being jealous of just about anything. Sometimes we're not jealous of specific people or things, but jealous of specific events. For example, when we feel that resentful longing for vacations, houses, trips, numbers in a bank account. We can resentfully desire all sorts of things. 

It's not fun to BE jealous of others or things and it's not fun to be on the receiving end of jealousy either. 

But beyond being not fun AND also against the Ten Commandments, jealousy is an incredibly restrictive energy. When we engage in jealous thoughts and behaviors, we actually restrict ourselves from experiencing the good we wish to experience. 

Releasing and letting go of jealousy is a critical step towards experiencing true financial health. When we release that toxic energy and allow ourselves to live free from being jealous and from feeling affected by other people's jealousy, we open up new avenues of peace in our lives that can open us all up to greater blessings and greater happiness in every way. 

During this session, we will be digging deep into healing our own jealousy and healing the parts of ourselves that have been wounded by other people's jealousy. 

We are going to have a good time! It can be easier and faster than you think to heal from patterns of jealousy from yourself and from others! 

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