Manifest Your DREAM JOB

After YEARS of requests, the Dream Job session is NOW AVAILABLE! 

Where you work is profoundly important. Every hour you spend on the job is an hour of your precious life that you do not get back--which is worth it, because earning money is how we survive in the modern world, but what if we all had jobs we truly enjoyed? 

What if your job was deeply fulfilling and led to opportunities you really cared about? 

What if you could pay the bills through a job that just fit you?

What if your job search could be life-changingly easy and fast?

Not everyone knows what their dream job is. That's okay. This session is designed for people in all stages of knowing or not knowing what it is they want to do to provide financially for themselves and their families. 

Not everyone feels ready to leave their current non-dream job yet. That's okay. This session is designed for people in all stages of the job search. 

During this session, we will be: 

  • Clearing blocks around job hunting
  • Clearing emotional trauma around finding work
  • Clearing emotional trauma around having a dream job
  • Finding clarity on what job might be ideal for you
  • Finding clarity on the timing of the job search
  • Clearing any generational patterns negatively impacting employment
  • Defining your dream job
  • Belief work around employment, job hunting, and more 
  • Expanding our own energy fields to easily hold the vibration of a better, higher-paying job with a more convenient schedule and positive work environment

This is kind of a sequel session to the Manifest Your Dream Home session and the Manifest Your Dream Car session

One thing I have loved about the Manifest Your Dream Home session is that several people have done that session with no real intention of moving. But just clearing out blocks to experiencing a "dream home" has led to some very amazing stories, like this one: 

So stories like this indicate to me that even if you aren't actively looking for a new job, but just want a better experience with the job you currently have, this session may be helpful to you. 

This session is appropriate, also, for stay-at-home mothers, in my opinion--caring for children is HARD WORK and it is ABSOLUTELY a job. If you are a stay-at-home mom, it would be appropriate to do this session from that perspective. 

Most of my clients are women--if your husband is looking for a new job, it may be appropriate for you to do this session for yourself first, and then do it again on his behalf, with his permission. 

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