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Anxiety is not the enemy: anxiety is a GIFT that is meant to draw our attention to potentially problematic situations. 

The problem isn't anxiety as a concept; the problem is when our bodies create more anxiety than they can process at a time. 

The problem is when our bodies have trouble letting go of anxieties from the past. 

These videos of energy work will help you clear out and heal your anxiety pathways so that past and present anxiety can flow out of your body in an appropriate way. 

This is an entirely new way to do energy work. 

You will see as you go through the modules that you will start feeling differently in your body, and that you may have past moments of anxiety come flashing forward into your mind for processing. This is normal

Instead of releasing emotions one by one, instead we are healing the body's natural emotion-clearing powerhouses

In analogical terms, think of it like constipation. If you get constipated, there are two options. The first might be to have a surgery that removes just the yucky poop that has plugged you up. But when that matter is gone, you're still backed up and your colon has still been stretched out too much to allow for normal elimination. This method removes the urgent part of the problem but won't solve the constipation in the long term. 

Another way to treat constipation would be to heal the colon and rectum themselves so that they were functioning appropriately again, allowing and encouraging daily elimination.

If a person were to choose the second option, healing would look at first like a LOT of time in the bathroom as the colon cleared itself out. But once that time was passed, and the colon was sufficiently clear, the body would be able to achieve a normal life of passing stool a few times a day easily and comfortably. 

Sorry if that was a graphic example. But anxiety works the same way. We can clear past anxiety, but that's like doing a surgery on the colon to treat constipation--when what we really need is to heal the colon itself so it can let go. 

This series deals with healing emotional constipation caused by excess anxiety. 

As we clear the pathways relating to different forms of anxiety, we can find that past issues suddenly flow forward into our consciousness. We might even feel the same feelings we felt during those experiences. This is a normal part of healing anxiety pathways. What it means is that your body is finally process past anxiety--ON ITS OWN. 

This is the really amazing thing about this particular series: you will see for yourself how after you do a session, you will notice yourself spontaneously processing for days afterwards. It will feel like an ongoing energy work session... which it is

This work actually gives your body the power to do its own energy work on its own time for the issues it wants to clear in this matter.

So do not be alarmed if you actually feel MORE anxiety particularly in the first three days after a session--just keep rewatching the session, drink lots of water, and breathe very deeply as often as possible, because it's all your body FINALLY letting go of some very old emotional constipation. Once that is out of your system, you'll be able to feel anxiety in the moment it was designed for, and then let it go with peace and calm and a deep breath.

Your life will be so different! I know that you will love it!

Because I have this anxiety series, I don't typically do anxiety-specific work in personal sessions, since clients will have a way better and more thorough experience with this full series of anxiety work than a single session. 

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